Whether you are seeking a primary home, a rental property or a vacation home, your transaction might not be as simple as signing on the dotted line. In fact, you may encounter title issues, boundary or zoning disputes, payment conflicts and other problems.

Do not allow these problems to hinder you. For assistance with your residential real estate transaction, speak to a qualified attorney at Levy Davis & Maher, LLP. We can review the purchase and sale agreement, and conduct related legal services for your benefit. Our law firm primarily serves New York City, as well as Suffolk County and Westchester County.

Fulfilling Our Duties To Homeowners And Buyers

As your legal advocates we will work to:

  • Help you fully understand the terms of real estate contracts
  • Explain your obligations to the homeowners association, if applicable
  • Research the title, zoning and legal history of the property
  • Alert you to legal and financial risks of the property
  • Transfer payments securely and transparently
  • Negotiate the terms of your purchase and sale agreement when possible
  • Stick to important deadlines

We take our duty to you seriously. With over 50 years of cumulative experience, our New York attorneys know that personal attention and thorough service are the cornerstones of effective counsel. Let us make your house sale or purchase as stress-free as possible.

If you own a house primarily for renting or investing as a source of income, you may have a special option for purchasing and selling the property. Please see our Commercial Real Estate page for information about deferring tax through 1031 exchanges.

Seek Clear, Strategic Real Estate Advice

To get a skilled lawyer to stand at your side, contact our firm online or call 212-371-0033. We are thorough in our approach, and we will do everything in our power to help you accomplish your real estate objectives.