Like many New York residents, your real estate may be one of the most valuable or sentimental assets of your life. At Levy Davis & Maher, LLP, we can help you safeguard your property for loved ones through your estate plan. You can also turn to our trusted firm for probate issues.

With extensive experience in real estate matters, our lawyers understand the many legal facets of passing on property to beneficiaries. We serve New York property owners and their families throughout estate planning and probate to ensure the proper transferal of real estate.

Leave Property To Your Loved Ones With Confidence

If you want to effectively pass on your home or investment property, you have several options. The most common methods involve creating a will or a living trust. Leaving a home in a will can be straightforward, but trusts can offer unique benefits such as keeping your home out of probate court. When bequeathing property to beneficiaries, it is also important to consider maintenance costs, taxes and other expenses that may incur.

Regardless of the method, getting advice from a knowledgeable attorney can help you ensure that the person of your choosing will inherit the property according to your wishes. We can help you identify which options might cause conflict between family members – as well as which options may best preserve the property for your loved ones.

Resolving Ownership Issues In Probate

Real estate can rapidly complicate probate. If a decedent leaves their home to multiple children, for example, who gets to live there? If one person wants to liquidate their share, can they force the others to sell the house?

Problems like these are common, and families may face tense conflict without knowing their legal entitlements. Levy Davis & Maher, LLP, can help you navigate complex real estate issues in probate. Speak with our experienced lawyers if you have questions about ownership or transferal of property through probate.

Speak To Lawyers With Real Estate Experience

Due to the complex nature of real estate, consult an attorney with specific knowledge in this area. Our New York City law firm is available for an estate planning or probate consultation at 212-371-0033. You may also request an appointment online.