There are many types of commercial properties in New York, from manufacturing plants to apartments. However, owning any property could result in legal conflicts. As a commercial property owner or renter, taking the right steps now could prevent surprises later.

At Levy Davis & Maher, LLP, we conduct in-depth reviews of the financial and legal aspects involved with commercial real estate. As longtime New York attorneys, we are passionate about reaching the most ideal outcomes for our clients.

Knowledgeable Counsel For Commercial Owners And Tenants

Our firm can assist you regarding:

  • Land use, zoning and title searches
  • Purchase and sale agreements, lease agreements or other contracts
  • Commercial financing and loan documents
  • Landlord/tenant issues
  • Dispute resolution with neighboring property owners or municipals
  • Liens and foreclosure

We have decades of experience with commercial law, including the specific problems that business owners may face. Our attorneys can provide skilled representation throughout negotiations, transactions and litigation.

Do You Qualify For A Tax-Deferred 1031 Exchange?

For commercial and investment property owners, a 1031 exchange can be a valuable option to reduce tax obligations. Although 1031 exchanges are complex, they can be especially advantageous if you frequently buy and sell real estate.

This exchange must involve two or more assets of the same type, such as an office building and a warehouse. When you sell your property for a 1031 exchange, the money must go directly under the control of a third party, which is a "qualified intermediary." You may then choose a new property to purchase with all or more than the money you gained from the sale of the first property.

Our attorneys can act as trusted intermediaries and offer counsel to help your exchange succeed. The specific tax outcomes are dependent on your situation, so get a case review before you enter any transaction.

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