Helping Servers, Catering Employees And Others In Employment Disputes

The restaurant and catering industries are highly competitive. One way employers sometimes attempt to increase revenue is by taking employees' tips, or by using tips to increase other workers' wages. In many instances, when employers take tips, they break the law. With effective legal help, you can recover tips that shouldn't have been taken from you, and can prevent further tip violations.

The New York City restaurant employment lawyers of the law firm of Levy Davis & Maher, LLP, have represented numerous restaurant employees in legal disputes against employers, including disputes involving:

  • Shared tips, in which tips are disbursed to dishwashers, managers and other nonservice employees
  • The skimming of credit card tips
  • The skimming of corporate tips that were intended to go to servers
  • The laundering of uniforms

Tips can be pooled for bussers and other service employees. They cannot be pooled to increase the wages of dishwashers, hosts, hostesses, managers and other nonservice employees. And employers can't take a percentage of credit card tips or keep gratuities on corporate bills that were intended for servers.

We can analyze banquet contracts and the status of employees who are receiving a share of pooled tips, and pursue both paid tips and wage differences when servers and other service employees lose income in illegal tip-sharing arrangements. Servers make a minimum of $4.65 per hour in New York. Nonservice employees make a minimum of $7.25 per hour. We can ensure the money you are owed by law goes to you, not to others. For more information, please contact our office.

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