As A Worker In America, You Have A Right To Receive The Minimum Wage

New York state employers can give many reasons for paying workers less than the minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. Are you working as an unpaid intern? Are you an immigrant? Are you working in the U.S. as a noncitizen? Are your tips being shared with nonservice employees?

Minimum wage laws are in place to ensure workers receive a fair wage, and these laws allow for very few exceptions. If your employer has stated it does not need to pay you at least the minimum wage, it is likely that your employer is wrong.

We have represented hundreds of workers, including car wash workers, laborers and other low-wage employees in minimum wage disputes, and can explain your rights and assess your situation in a no-charge consultation. To contact us, call 212-371-0033.

Do Not Hesitate To Protect Your Employment And Labor Law Rights

The quick rule "you have a right to be paid for work performed" is an excellent starting point in any wage dispute. It can usually be taken further to "you have a right to earn the minimum wage."

This means that unpaid interns who make photocopies and coffee are not receiving a benefit (useful work experience) for the services they are performing and may be able to file a wage claim. This also means that immigrants also have a right to make the minimum wage, even if they are working illegally. And, because the Department of Labor is separate from immigration enforcement.

The New York City lawyers for minimum wage law at Levy Davis & Maher, LLP, have recovered thousands of dollars in back pay for hundreds of individual and group workers in New York. For more information, please contact our office.

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