What happens within the core leadership of a company is bound to impact the rest of the business. Based in New York City, Levy Davis & Maher, LLP, aims to preserve the stability and success of local companies through serving their stakeholders and owners.

We Work To Promote Positive Shareholder Relations

When working with shareholders, you may find yourself at a cross section of multiple business needs. At times, these needs may even conflict with one another.

When you consult our skilled attorneys regarding investor relations, we will offer our perspective on:

  • Respecting shareholder rights
  • Drafting shareholder agreements to protect your company
  • Complying with finance regulations
  • Finding solutions to shareholder disputes
  • Preventing and addressing divestment, litigation and shareholder revolt

Good corporate governance can encourage your shareholders to be optimistic and loyal. However, if a dispute arises, we are ready to help you address the issue. Call our law office to discuss your situation at a professional consultation.

Our Attorneys Facilitate Ownership Succession

In a time of transition for your company, it is essential to be deliberate about business succession. Levy Davis & Maher, LLP, has the legal knowledge to fully complete the process while protecting your company. We can address compensation, financing, taxes, the succession plan, business records and other aspects of the transaction.

If you plan to name a business successor – whether they may be a family member or otherwise – our experienced lawyers can help you transfer legal ownership. When you pass on a family business, we can also work with you to sufficiently prepare your successor to carry on your legacy.

Instead, you may decide to sell your business to a current partner or another party. To sell your company or share for a fair price, you need an accurate valuation. We can help you complete your commercial transaction with professionalism and regard for your best interests.

Get A Business Consultation With Us

Whether you need to create a durable shareholder agreement or change business ownership, legal counsel may be invaluable. Call 212-371-0033 or send us a message regarding your commercial needs. Our New York lawyers will respond promptly to schedule a confidential appointment.