As you approach a commercial transaction, you need an attorney who knows how to complete the process properly. With over 80 years of cumulative commercial law experience in New York, the legal team of Levy Davis & Maher, LLP, is ready to assist you.

We can skillfully address a variety of business transactions, including:

We work to remove the hassle of paperwork and legal matters to let you focus on your priorities. As your advocates, we will stay vigilant to protect your financial and legal interests. You can rely on us to detect the risks involved with your transaction – and to discover ways to minimize them when possible.

3 Essentials For A Fluid Commercial Transaction

While every transaction has unique circumstances to address, the most efficient and impactful transactions involve:

  1. Diligent document creation: Contracts are often central to business transactions, and they may impact both parties long after the signing date. Confirm that the contract is enforceable, comprehensive and fair by reviewing it with your lawyer.
  2. Clear, timely communication: In addition to formal documents, both parties should be honest about assets and expectations. Communicating through your attorney can help you avoid future accusations of misrepresentation or fraud.
  3. Identification of applicable regulations: You and the other party might not be the only participants in the deal. Regulations and government organizations, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission, may also play a role in the process. In-depth legal research could reveal factors previously unknown to both parties.

Remember that the other party has its own objectives during the transaction, and they may not align with your best interests. To make the most of your transaction – and avoid problematic outcomes – get a consultation with Levy Davis & Maher, LLP.

Secure Legal Counsel For Your Business Deal

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